School Motto: Let your words teach and your actions speak

Within the Catholic setting of our school, we at St Anthony’s are working to prepare the children in our care to take their places in a multi-cultural society, developing in them a sense of peace, justice and respect.


We wish to create an atmosphere that reflects the teaching of Christ, laying down the foundation for a living faith in accordance with our Catholic tradition. We wish to create a safe, secure environment in which every individual is treated with understanding and respect.

Aims and objectives

Through all we do and teach at our school, we aim to:

  • Foster spiritual and moral development
  • Promote vocation and aspiration through educational excellence
  • Enable each child to achieve their intellectual potential
  • Encourage personal and social development
  • Strengthen links with the wider community

As part of achieving our aims, we expect our pupils to give to others and expect the following Three Rights (3Rs):

  • The right to learn;
  • The right to be safe;
  • The right to be treated with respect.

These rights encompass all that we expect of our pupils both in and out of the building, both within and beyond learning.

Our values and ethos are explicitly threaded throughout our policies and curriculum statement.