Each year, pupils in KS2 have the opportunity to represent the school community through a number of different roles:

  • Liturgical Leaders
  • Eco Warriors
  • Junior Health and Safety Officers
  • Ambassadors of St Thomas More

We have linked these roles to key saints who embody the values that we want to see from these pupil representatives.

Liturgical Leaders

The Liturgical Leaders are responsible for (i) ensuring prayer areas in the classrooms represent the liturgical season; (ii) support the leading of prayer services in class and whole school; (iii) have a role in evaluating the quality of collective worship; (iv) represent their peers at events such as The Good Shepherd Mass

Followers of Saint Paul

Paul commonly known as Paul the Apostle and Saint Paul, was a Christian apostle who spread the teachings of Jesus in the first-century world.

We have chosen him to be the Saint that links to our group of Liturgical Leaders.

Like him, they will share the teachings of God with others, through assemblies they will deliver and explain the messages in the Gospel and be good role models to those around school. They carry on the teachings of Christ even through he is no longer with us.

Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are responsible for teaching the school community about the behaviours and habits needed to take care of the planet, including recycling, saving energy, reducing our personal carbon footprint. They model through recycling across the school and completing litter picks and they engage in city and national level opportunities.

Followers of Saint Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi abandoned a life of luxury and riches for a simple existence. He was at one with nature and it was in this way that he would express his love for God.

St Francis was asked to rebuild the church and did so by founding the Franciscan brothers. He believed that greed caused suffering and he taught that to be close to God you needed to live a simple life.

Like St Francis, the Eco Warriors recognise the gift of creation through all that they do and they model how to take care of God’s planet.

Junior Health and Safety Officers

The Junior Health and Safety Officers regularly survey the fabric and activity of the school community to look for any hazards that make it unsafe. They seek pupil views and strive to respond to concerns about physical safety as well as emotional well being. They share their findings through assemblies.

Followers of Saint Christopher

St Christopher was a gentle giant. According to legend, he was crossing a river when a child asked for help. The child grew heavier as he walked but he never put him down. It was believed that this was the child Jesus and the weight was the weight of God.

People wear a St Christopher in order to keep them safe.

The Junior Health and Safety Officers strive to be like him in the way that they work to keep the school community safe.

Ambassadors of St Thomas More

These leaders embody the British Values and seek opportunities to teach the school community about them. They are even appointed through a democratic voting process. They seek pupil views on a range of topics and represent the school at services such as the Remembrance Service. They represent the school when speaking with council officials and other leaders.

Followers of Saint Thomas More

St Thomas More studied Religion and the classics, before going to Oxford to study Law. He entered a legal career and worked in Parliament a few years later.

He was appointed Lord Chancellor but resigned due to differing views. His writing was in defence of the Catholic Church at a time when Henry VIII was in power.

As a result of this he was imprisoned. He would not yield under pressure and followed his conscience. Consequently he was beheaded for treason.

The Thomas More Ambassadors strive to be like him in the way that they work to teach and model the British Values across school life.